• 5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a House Painter

    Posted on October 18, 2012 by in

    Painting a house can be a huge pain because it’s such a large job to take on. Not only do you have to know which brushes to use, you also have to make sure the coats are even. Painting is a job that looks easy, but can be very difficult once you get started. Hiring a professional house painter in Columbia SC is a great way to get your house painted without having to do all the work. Professionals will have the tools, knowledge and experience necessary to do a great job painting any room of the house.

    Some tips to know when looking for a house painter include:

    1. Ask for recommendations

    Asking friends and family for recommendations of house painters they have worked with in the past is a great idea. The recommendation will give you a good idea of what type of work the painter does, what their price range is and other information about them. Some professionals might even offer discounts if you say you were recommended by a past client, so it’s worth looking into this option.

    2. Check Reviews

    Comparing different painters in Columbia, SC is very important because there are quite a few to choose from. The first thing you should do is research several of your options online. There are review websites for professional contractors that can offer you a lot of really good information. Clients write about their experiences with professionals on these websites to help other people out.

    3. Price

    From here, call and ask for prices based on what you need to have done. Most painters are going to give you a free estimate so you know what you can expect to spend. This might require a home visit so they can be as accurate as possible with the estimate. Write down the prices from the different contractors so you can go back to compare them when you have them all. The prices between some people might be quite a bit. This is why it’s so beneficial to compare the prices that they charge.

    Ask for discounts that are available, most professionals have them available. Sometimes there are coupons for being a new customer while other times there are discounts for being referred. Some contractors also offer promotions where they will paint one room for free when you have another room painted. There are a lot of ways to save, so look into them all when comparing painters.

    4. Past jobs

    Most professional painters are going to have pictures of jobs they have done in the past. It’s very important you are able to look at these so you can see what type of work they really do. Examine the pictures to see how good their paint job looks and if it’s the type of style you want. If someone doesn’t have pictures to show you, ask if you can see a house they have painted in the past.

    5. Insurance

    Any painter you work with should be insured when they are working on your property. If they aren’t insured and end up getting hurt, you could be in for a world of problems. They could sue you for injuries, time off of work and a lot of other things if this sort of thing happens. It’s always important to ask professional painters if they are licensed, insured and bonded before ever getting a quote. While non-insured professionals might be cheaper, they aren’t necessarily the best choices.

    Hiring a professional painting company doesn’t have to be stressful. Just research the company or painters to make sure they have what you need. Endless Possibilities is a great company to consider in the area because all that they offer.